Genpo Fukushima Solo Exhibition

2017年12月20日から2018年1月15日まで、アメリカンクラブにて 個展 福島絃峰展 を開催いたします。
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東京都港区麻布台2-1-2 (地図はこちらからご確認ください)



 Genpo Fukushima Solo exhibition at Frederick Harris Gallery in Tokyo 
A solo exhibition by Genpo Fukushima will be held at Frederick Harris Gallery in Tokyo American Club.

Dec 20, 2017 - Jan 15, 2018
 *closed: Jan 1, 2018

【Opening Hours】
 *11:00-17:00 on Jan 15

Tokyo American Club
Frederick Harris Gallery(B1 floor)
2-1-2 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8649 (Map)

*The gallery may be used temporarily by club events and guests’ visits could be limited in such occasions.
*There is a dress code in the gallery. The following items of dress are excluded at all times; exercise wear, cutoffs, tank tops (men), hats and caps (men), athletic shorts, beach shoes, flip-flops or one-banded slippers.
*There is an age restriction for the gallery. Children under 6 years old are not allowed.
*There is no guest parking space at Tokyo American Club.
*Non-members are not allowed to enter the club facilities other than the B1 gallery area.
*Tokyo American Club is a private club, but non-members can purchase artwork by calling the internal phone number (670). A phone is located on the cloak desk next to the gallery. Cash or credit cards are accepted.